Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Rev. Dr. Reuben Denton Nevius (1827-1913)

. . . from a tribute of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Olympia published in The Living Church, February, 1914.

"His joy in plants and trees, and in the microscopic forms of life, kept his spirit fresh and buoyant. He lived near to nature's heart. He was a rare thinker and his theological conceptions were clear, practical, and wholly in accord with the Catholic faith. His life thus was in a double sense-inwardly in thought, and outwardly in converse, with nature, lived near to God.

The friends of his earlier years, those at least, who grew old along with him, were the friends of his later years, for he made friends and kept them; and few there are who have stood in the center of a wider circle of people, and esteemed and honored and loved, for the qualities that made up a true man, a true Christian, and a true priest. He has entered, we believe, into that Presence of his Lord who has for him that crown and the 'well done good and faithful servant.' "


  1. Really enjoyed reading the historical excerpts. Interesting stuff! Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Trinity Man. In addition to the historical data, it was especially gratifying to locate the Nevius photographs.